Otawara Sakura Buttsuke 8

Otawara Sakura Buttsuke

Otawara Sakura Buttsuke, held each year, commemorates the joining of the 9 cities, villages, and towns that now make up Otawara..

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Oga Peninsula at Sunset 7

Oga Peninsula at Sunset

The Oga Peninsula in Akita Prefecture is known for its rich cultural identity, but it also has some spectacular natural beauty..

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Fukufuji Minshuku

Fukufuji Minshuku

Brittany Rock

Tucked away in Nikko’s Kuriyama region is a small Minshuku village surrounded by mountains, rivers and small farms. This is a ..

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Minatogawa Shrine, Kobe

Minatogawa Shrine, Kobe

Joe Robinson

Minatogawa Shrine gives the traveller something that more widely-known (and admittedly more unique) religious sights in Japan cannot..

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