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Universal Studio's Cool Japan

Featuring four new popular attractions at USJ

Monsters, Zombies, and Titans — oh my! Universal Studios Japan’s limited opening of four new attractions at their theme park in Osaka will delight avid fans of such franchises as Resident Evil movies and games, Attack on Titan, Monster Hunter, and Evangelion!

Universal Studios Japan is offering special feature attractions from these four popular bands highlighting what makes these franchises so popular! A quick rundown of Cool Japan’s attractions and what to expect:

Evangelion 4D: The first of its kind attraction for Evangelion fans, experience the impacts and explosions as the Evangelion units and Angels battle face to face in USJ’s state of the art 4D theater. In Evangelion 4D you experience Evangelion in a very unique way because you feel like you are actually there. The experience based attraction has you feeling the battles take place on the 3D screen in front of you, the experience truly engages all your senses.

Resident Evil: The Escape: This fully interactive experience is based on the very popular Resident Evil series. You are thrown into an Umbrella Corporation scenario where you witness a zombie attack at Raccoon City television studios and must use your survival instinct and clues to escape. This live interactive experience puts you into a Resident Evil game as you work together to escape the zombie infestation.

Attack on Titan: This walk-through attraction shows you the Attack on Titan experience. A series of theaters exhibit the brutal ferocity and astonishing bravery of the mission to capture the female Titan. You also experience life size titans, 14 and 15 meter tall titans in amazing detail. Experience Attack on Titan at Universal Studios Japan to see the story come to life!

Monster Hunter: This walk-through attraction allows you to see life-size monsters such as Zinogre and Seregios as well as the chance to meet a life size Felyne! This attraction features some amazing special effects as the Zinogre comes to life on Heaven’s Mount.

Universal Cool Japan attractions are available for a limited time. The features opened January 23rd and will be available through May 10th, 2015. Don’t forget the sample some of the foods available themed around each attraction and take a look at the special souvenirs available during this special event.

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Jihad Mahmoud 7 years ago
USJ are always fascinating. Every time they introduce new unique attractions that make you want to visit USJ once more.
Logan Williamson 9 years ago
I am in love with Attack On Titan!! This would definitely be my first stop for sure!
Ada Wilkinson 9 years ago
I love love the Attack on Titan. I have been living in Japan for over a year now but I have yet to visit Osaka!
Okta Sanprista 9 years ago
The Female Titan looked pretty! :o
Justin Velgus 9 years ago
Awesome!! I really want to check this out. Great pics!

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