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Matsushima's Zuigan-ji Temple

Photo Highlights of Matsushima's Cultural Treasure

Matsushima's Zuigan-ji is a remarkable example of Rinzai Zen traditions. Founded almost twelve hundred years ago, Zuigan-ji is designated a cultural treasure for this historical region of Tohoku. The site became truly noteworthy in the 1600s when Date Masamune became a patron of the temple and built it up to how it is seen today. The temple is home to national cultural treasures, carved burial caves dating back from the Kamakura period that were used for burial rites and other Buddhist rituals, and an art museum that houses examples of calligraphy, pottery, and paintings sourced from throughout the temple's long history. The temple is currently seeing ongoing reconstruction and renovations until early 2016, although much of the grounds remain open to the public.

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