Wisteria at Ashikaga Flower Park

Incredible blossoms during the Golden Week holidays

Mid Apr
Late May
Venue: Ashikaga Flower Park When: Mid Apr - Late May 2021
Notice: The dates for this event are not yet confirmed. This page will be updated once the official date(s) are announced by the event organizers. Please check the official event site for the latest info.

Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture is famous for its wisteria blossoms. Elaborate supports to the three big wisteria trees cover an area of about 1,000㎡. The best times to visit Ashikaga Flower Park is from mid April to mid May. It is a truly unique attraction; the blossom starts with light pink blooms first in the season, followed by purple wisteria, white and then yellow. Just before you decide to visit the park, I recommend to check the official website for the latest status of the blossoms.

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Manish Prabhune

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Sherilyn Siy a year ago
Kim 2 years ago
This place is still on my "bucket list" for my time in Japan, I just have to time it right! Stunning pictures!
Preethu 3 years ago
Awesome! Excellent clicks...
Elena Lisina 3 years ago
I've visited that park , too. Wonderful photos!
Victoria Vlisides 5 years ago
Ridiculously gorgeous. Have to go here in the spring time... wow!