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Autumn in Shikoku

Most beautiful autumn leaves

Shikoku is one of Japan's four major islands, off the beaten track, and where you can explore nature at its best. The autumn season is perfect for hiking and taking in the beautiful landscapes.

Shikoku is the smallest of the four main islands of Japan. It's not far from Tokyo when you go by plane to the Takamatsu Airport and then find yourself surrounded by the sea, huge mountains and deep valleys. Iya valley is especially famous for its vine bridges, hot springs and numerous outdoor activities – hiking, exploring the island by bike, rafting or ziplining. The full beauty of Shikoku can be seen when the autumn leaves share their full colors in autumn and all the valleys turn red and yellow. It is truly beautiful and peaceful at the same time. When I visited Shikoku, the autumn foliage had just begun, so I am keen to keep an eye out when the Momiji is in full force.

Getting there

Shikoku is pretty easy to access from Tokyo Haneda to Takamatsu Airport. You can go to Iya valley with busses, e.g. the Kotobus Iya Valley.

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