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Basic accomodation geared for motorists

By Ekaterina Bespyatova    - 2 min read

I stopped here on the first night of my two-week Shikoku Pilgrimage Road Trip. I needed a hotel in this particular location (in the vicinity of temples 8, 9 and 10), easily accessible by car and with good parking—and Business Hotel Awa seemed to provide both.

Indeed, I found the hotel right away, and it was easy to park my car on their lot (they don’t charge a separate fee for parking). The building itself is fairly new, with a modern look and up-to-date facilities. The room was a basic business hotel room, not at all tiny by Japanese standards, but a westerner would probably call it small. Being used to smaller room sizes here, I felt comfortable enough. The room was equipped with the standard range of appliances: electric tea pot (with tea set), TV, refrigerator. The refrigerator comes in handy when you don’t have dinner included with your stay and don’t want to go look for a restaurant. I usually find the nearest convenience store (which, in this case, is located right across the street: a 7-Eleven) and stock up on onigiris (rice balls).

The breakfast, included in the price, was very minimal, but they had the most delicious freshly baked croissants there. I ended up having quite a few. Other than that, there was salad, boiled eggs, other types of bread, some drinks, and that was mostly it.

There was no common bath, which is a minus, but I wasn’t particularly upset about it because I used the public hot spring facility a few kilometers away before checking in.

The hotel is also very reasonably priced (I payed 5650 yen, which included the minimal breakfast), and Wi-Fi is available in the rooms. Overall, I was pleased with my stay there— just what I needed, no more, but no less.

Getting there

The hotel is easily accessed from Route 318. The nearest train station is Kamojima, 10 minutes away by car.

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