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Shikoku Pilgrimage: Temple No. 10

Large island in the Yoshino-gawa river

After a comfortable walk from the 9th temple (3 km), you have to climb about 800m towards the 10th temple. As the 10th temple, Kirihata-ji temple, is on a hill, you can view the way to next temple from there. It’s about a 9.3km walk! Go down the hill and follow “Henro-michi” signs. You’ll find the Yoshino-gawa river which is the third biggest river in Japan. The road goes through the biggest island (500 ha), Zen-nyu-ji island, in the river. Two small bridges connect the island and north/south shore of the river. These bridges (Sensui-kyo bridge) are designed to submerge in the river in the case of floods. The road goes past a tiny castle, and then up toward the mountain area where the next temple is.

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