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Doll's Street in Sakamoto Village

Unique outdoor "Hina-Matsuri" event held February-March

March 3rd is the day of  "Hina-matsuri" in Japan. Hina-matsuri (or "Girl's Day") is one of Japan's famous annual events. People who have daughters generally own a set of Hina-dolls (Ornament Dolls of a Medieval Emperor, Empress, Lords and so on), display them on a platform covered with a red carpet in a room, and have a party for their daughters on that day. The villages along the Katsuura-gawa River hold events featuring Hina-matsuri. Sakamoto is one such village where dolls are displayed outdoors (in front of houses) from February to March. I rode my motorcycle towards the small village. A rustic but beautiful scene was waiting for me there, beyond a short tunnel.