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Temple #1 of the Ohenro 88 temple pilgrimage

My experience at Ryozenji temple was over-whelmingIy under-whelming. I arrived on a cold mid-November afternoon with the the expectation that the first Temple in a 1200 km pilgrimage would be quite impressive and inspiring of such a journey. Although beautiful and well maintained it was quite modest compared to some of the grand temples of Nara and Nikko. Perhaps that was the point. I was warmly greeted by the book shop staff, abruptly told that no English could be spoken, and gingerly directed towards the only English book on the shelves. After purchasing my guide book, the excellent and thorough "Shikoku Japan 88 route guide" I was directed inside the main temple, to where I could purchase my ohenro stamp book, with the first temple stamp already inside, only 87 more to go...