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Garden of Bart, Naruto, Tokushima

Movie set of 'Bart-no Gakuen' in the middle of nowhere!

After visiting the Naruto German House and the Bando POW Camp Site, 'Garden of Bart' is the place you should visit if you are a fan of the 2006 Japanese movie, 'Bart-no-Gakuen'. This movie set was first opened in March, 2006 for 2 years. But upon the strong request from local people, and because the number of visitors far exceeded the expectations (260,000!) of Naruto City, they moved the set to a different location, and now under the hands of an NPO, is again open to the public. Although the size has become smaller, you can enjoy seeing familiar things you see in the movie. There are very kind, enthusiastic local volunteers who guide you around the set (in Japanese, sorry!). It's open from 9:00 to 16:30 every day of the year!

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