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The Naruto German House, Tokushima

Study the history of our friendship with German POWs!

Naruto City in Tokushima is renowned for its big whirlpools, fresh fish and seafood, but probably only a few people know that this place has a deep connection with Germany. From 1917 to 1920, German POWs of the WWI lived in the POW Camp in Bando for 3 years and surprisingly, lived happily?! They communicated with local people, brewed their own beer, raised cattle and made sausages and hams, baked bread, formed a music band and played classical music, etc. And the Naruto German House was built to commemorate the friendly relationship between German POWs and local people in 1972. This heart-warming story was made into a 2006 Japanese movie, 'Bart-no-Gakuen', literary, 'Music Paradise of Bearded Men'. Here, you can learn about both the history of this friendship and the movie together. Those who are interested in the movie, this is the place to start your exploration of 'Bart-no-Gakuen'!

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