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Oasahiko Jinja

Naruto, Tokushima

Legend has it that in the era of Emperor Jimmu, Ame-no-Tomi-no-Mikoto came to the Awa region (an ancient region that encompassed most of present-day Tokushima Prefecture) seeking fertilized land to sow hemp seeds. He was so successful, that what he harvested allowed the area's population to produce linen called asa, which became the area's main industry. Because of the positive impact he had on the area, Ōasahiko Shrine was dedicated as the place to worship him as a kami named Oasahiko-no-Okami.  By visiting and praying here, one will be protected while traveling, and be protected against illness and getting lost. This is one of the most popular locations in the area to pray at over the New Years holiday. To get here, take a JR Kotoku Line train to Bando Station. From there its about a 25 minute walk.

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