Shikoku Pilgrimage No. 21 Temple

Tairyu-ji Temple

By Yoshifumi Hara   Jul 17, 2015

Regarding the Shikoku pilgrimage, there are 23 temples here in Tokushima prefecture. And, three of them are located in mountain areas where access on foot is not easy. The steepest path is the way to #12 temple known as “Henro-korogashi”. Second is the #20 temple, and #21 temple is the third. That means the way from #20 to #21 is very tough. Down the mountain path to the bottom of the valley, across the creek, and climb the next mountain. Even if you can go by a car or a motorcycle to the temple, the situation is no different, because the mountain road is very narrow. However, you do not need to worry about it. A cable car is available. You can relax at the temple with beautiful flowers and nice bird songs.

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Thanks for your answer Yoshifumi san.
Awesome photos. It 's really mystical. I wish I can go there. When was it, in spring?
Yoshifumi Hara Photographer a year ago
Thank you, Isabelle-san. It was in July. But, I recommend spring or autumn.
Joseph Bautista 2 years ago
Invites to enter a different World, photos are astonishing.
Yoshifumi Hara Photographer 2 years ago
Thank you, Jpseph-san.
Lygia Priscilla 2 years ago
It's very mystical yet very alluring to let the experience just seep into your mind.
Yoshifumi Hara Photographer 2 years ago
Thank you, Lygia-san.