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The Scarecrow Village

More scarecrows than humans

In a small village in Iya valley on Shikoku island you can find more scarecrows than humans.

This place is called Nagoro and when you drive through it you will notice many dolls that seem like they are having a normal day doing work, waiting at the bus stop, or enjoying the mountain views. Tsukimi Ayano is making those dolls to bring back old memories and bringing back old friends to the small village, where less humans than scarecrows live. They even have a book with all the background stories of the dolls. Most of them are gathered in an old school that is empty now except for the scarecrows celebrating a matsuri. Every one of them has their own expression, and each of them also has their own look and story. They are also a constant reminder that more and more people move to the bigger cities. Every scarecrow is one of a kind. Someday there may be only scarecrows in Nagorno!

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