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A Dress in a Picture, a Picture of a Dress

A special exhibition at the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

By Kim    - 1 min read
Venue: Tokyo Fuji Art Museum When: Feb 13th - May 9th 2021

A special exhibition taking place at the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum is a collaborative effort with the Kobe Fashion Museum, and brings together the best of art and textiles at the one event. Paintings from the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum's collection will be displayed alongside clothes and ornaments from the Kobe Fashion Museum that would have fit the era of the artworks.

Adult admission to the event is priced at 1300 yen.

Getting there

The Tokyo Fuji Art Museum is located a short drive from either the Chuo Expressway's Hachioji Interchange or the Ken-o Expressway's Akiruno Interchange. There are two free parking lots on-site with a combined capacity of 90 vehicles.

For those visiting via public transport, buses are available from Hachioji Station. Head out the north exit to bus platform 14, and take the bus bound for the Soka University Main Gate. Alight at the stop for Soka University Main Gate / Tokyo Fuji Art Museum.

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Cole Byrne 2 months ago
This picture looks charming! I really like this classical painting, I don't really understand impressionism. My eye was attracted by this dress, it has a very design. In our time, such things are no longer made. But you can order a dress here https://www.dressanomalie.com/. It would be great to have a party in the style of this era, so that everyone would come in similar dresses.
Elizabeth S 5 months ago
This looks fascinating - 2D and 3D costumes.
Kim Author 5 months ago
I think it's such a unique way of presenting an exhibition! Really clever and immersive.