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Alice's Fantasy Restaurant

Fall down the rabbit hole

Alice in Fantasy Book in Shinjuku is one of the six branches of Alice's Fantasy Restaurant by Diamond Dining found around Tokyo. The immense popularity of beautiful, cute and lovely themed dining establishments spurred the development of the numerous branches of this chain. Each restaurant offers its own interpretation of the classic fantasy tale with tea-cup shaped tables, romantic lighting, waitresses in blue Alice costumes and, of course, adorable and delicious dishes.

Knock on the gigantic hardcover book and you will gain entry into this delicately designed restaurant. Once inside it's like you've been transported through the rabbit hole and into Alice's world. The lighting is dim and romantic. The seating is cozy. Some guests are seated in the main dining area beneath a glittering chandelier in a room decorated with a large Alice in Wonderland themed mural. The other tables around the main dining area are divided by humongous fake Alice books.

Every party will receive a single menu to share amongst the group. The menu is essentially an adult pop-up book, and each page is an addition to the elaborate culinary re-telling of this classic children's story. The dishes are all thematic and one hundred percent adorable. Squeals of "kawaii" (cute) will be heard all around the dining area. Culinary options include Cheshire Cat tail-shaped pizza, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum twin cocktails (non-alcholic), and Caterpiller sushi roll with shrimp and avocado. It's also no surprise that desserts are the house specialty, with sweet delights like the mixed-berry Cheshire Cat parfait, gateau chocolat heart cake and tiramusu with sleeping doormouse!

The other branches of Alice's Fantasy Restaurant (like this one in Ginza) have their own menu specialties. This way, fans of this successful restaurant chain must visit all the locations to taste-test all the different delicacies.

A number of set meals and course menu options are available. Currently there is a weekday special set menu for 2,000 yen including salad, main dish, one drink and dessert for guests arriving before 5:30pm. Groups of four or more can order the cute Cheshire Cat special dessert when making their reservation. Only five of these cakes are baked daily and it is first-come first-served. All current offers can be found on the Alice Fantasy Dining websites for each of the branch locations.

Reservations are required and can be made online or by phone.

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Kim 2 years ago
I always think themed dishes are so cute!
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
Nice atmospheric restaurant! I'd like to try a dessert, but for dinner I always prefer Japanese food.
Serene Tan 10 years ago
This goes into my must-visit list when I'm in Tokyo!

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