Ancient Egypt Exhibition

The Creation of the World

Sep 19th
Dec 5th
Venue: Tokyo Fuji Museum When: Sep 19th - Dec 5th 2021

For the history fans, a special exhibition taking place at the Tokyo Fuji Museum is titled "Ancient Egypt - The Creation of the World". The event will showcase a range of pieces from the Egyptian Museum of Berlin, which has one of the world's most comprehensive Egypt-specific collections. Around 130 works in total will be displayed, including excavated artifacts which are being exhibited in Japan for the first time ever.

Adult admission to the event is priced at 1300 yen.

Getting there

The Tokyo Fuji Museum can be accessed by bus from the JR Hachioji Station. Head to bus platform 14, and take the bus bound for Tokyo Fuji Bijitsukan.

For those who opt to drive, there are two free on-site parking lots available - one has a capacity of 40 vehicles, and the other has a capacity of 50. In the event that the lots are full, there is paid parking available in the surrounding area.

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Justin Velgus a week ago
This is great to promote events that are also not related to Japan. Japan has some world class museums that need more attention. Who isn't fascinated by Egypt?
Elizabeth S a week ago
I've seen so many ancient Egyptian exhibitions in Tokyo. It's great to have such significant museums with international shows so close by.