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Where the beauty of goldfish meets the elegance of Edo

Jul 6th
Sep 24th
Venue: Art Aquarium Museum When: Jul 6th - Sep 24th 2019


Temporarily closed until mid-2022.

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What happens when you put arts, illuminations, Edo, and a handful of goldfishes all in one pot? The Eco Edo Nihonbashi Art Aquarium has the answer for you.

The Eco Edo Art Aquarium is an experimental art exhibition, a twenty-first-century ultra-aquarium held every summer since 2011.

With a playful and imaginative twist to the practice of keeping goldfish in a glass bowl, the peculiar shapes and forms of the tanks accentuate not just beauty of the goldfishes, but also encapsulate the elegance of the Edo period. Many artists like Kamisaka Sekka have depicted goldfish in a comical and inquisitive way, one that is continued in the present age in anime and art installations like this.

 The traditional Japanese folding combined with modern projection mapping technology, and of course, goldfishes as well.
The traditional Japanese folding combined with modern projection mapping technology, and of course, goldfishes as well.

The high-tech projections along with the vibrant illuminations, theatrical music, and delicate decorations, blend perfectly with all 8000 goldfishes to give us a living, breathing piece of art. It opens up a gateway to an Edo-fantasy world.

The Ceiling Kingyo, the goldfishes seem confused.
The Ceiling Kingyo, the goldfishes seem confused.

The highlight has to be the “Taisei Hokan Kingyo Large Byobu”, which combined the traditional Japanese folding screen with modern projection mapping technology. My personal favorite is “Ceiling Kingyo”. I feel sorry for the goldfish trapped in such a tiny enclosure, but the visual imagery conveys the theme in a poetic way.

But there is a twist. Starting at 7 pm every night, the exhibition turns into a live performance hall with a stylish bar for you to enjoy some traditional Japanese sake. Why not check out this night aquarium?

Getting there

Get off at Mitsukoshimae station and take the A6 exit.

The entrance of Art Aquarium 2018 is on the 4/F of Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, inside the COREDO Muromachi 1 shopping mall.

More info

Find out more about Art Aquarium Museum.

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Elena Lisina 2 years ago
It looks fantastic! I couldn't find if it's possible to buy a ticket at the venue or only through the site? I'm going to visit this event!