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Asakusa Farm Bar

Homemade juices with unique Japanese taste

How about going for a nice energy boost during your visit through Asakusa Kaminari-mon or around the Tokyo area?

Asakusa Farm Bar, in collaboration with Hurom and their Slow Juicer, is offering fresh, delicious juices using unique Japanese ingredients that you would not find anywhere else – in Japan or overseas. They're offering a variety of drinks from smoothies to butter coffee to even juice shots!

Asakusa Farm Bar was made possible thanks to Woonin-san and the Hurom Slow Juicer. Woonin-san, a highly skilled and creative founder, has made Asakusa Farm Bar the most unique juice bar by exclusively using unique ingredients only grown in Japan. Every single menu item uses rare and hard to find ingredients – making it tempting to try them all. The Hurom Slow Juicer uses an auger to squeeze out juice instead of shredding fruits and vegetables to ensure the best possible flavor without removing most important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

That said I am very excited to introduce three of the juice shots that I got to taste, each of which has an original Japanese-inspired name: Geisha, Samurai, and Cold Killer:

  • The GEISHA juice shot has a feminine, pink look and is easy to drink thanks to its soft taste of ginger, Amazake, and domestic red beets. It is highly recommended for women thanks to its multiple beauty benefits. Do not worry about getting tipsy from the Amazake – it is actually low- or non-alcohol Japanese drink made from fermented rice. It tastes more like milky caramel.
  • The SAMURAI juice shot concept comes from the sharp sword that a samurai carries which makes for a spicy strong taste thanks to its ingredients of ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper, and turmeric. It is definitely recommended for men and is a fun challenging shot to try. It is also great for a hangover!
  • The COLD KILLER shot references those trying to beat sickness in the cold winter months. This shot will definitely kill any cold sickness to help ensure you keep enjoying your vacation! It contains lemon, ginger, and honey – all the great ingredients to cure a sore throat and nutrients to boost your energy.

As each Juice shot uses seasonal ingredients, there may be changes in the menu and times when certain drinks are not available.

If you are a lover of healthy naturally made drinks, Asakusa Farm Bar has a wonderful mix of healthy, organic vegetable and fruit juices made by the Hurom Slow Juicer that are deliciously tasteful. If you've a full day of sightseeing ahead of you, why not grab a healthy drink to go to help you through the day?

Q&A Interview with the founder of Asakusa Farm Bar, Woonin:

What was your inspiration to start Farm Bar?

Woonin’s inspiration came from when she was living in New York. As she tried healthy juice shots in New York, she had the desire to get Japanese people in Japan the taste of such a rare juice shots. Therefore, Japanese people became one of her first target. Later on, as she came back to Japan, she saw that there are rare healthy delicious vegetables and other ingredients only found in Japan that she could mix with fruits to make juice shots and drinks in Japan. These unique ingredients and vegetables only found in Japan could also be great to give foreigners visiting Japan a unique Japanese taste. Woonin always liked Asakusa so much more than Shibuya and other famous cities in Japan. Therefore, she preferred to have Asakusa as its location.

Is the store foreign friendly?

Yes. All staff members speak English and even though the ingredients listed in the menu are not written in English, it is used as a way to have more conversations with customers. As well as, any ingredients can be also changed to a favorable one by the customer. At Asakusa Farm Bar, we will be able to make slow juice by using ingredients in season so feel free to let us know if you have any requests.

What is your favorite drink and why?

Woonin’s favorite drink was sincerely hard to decide but since coffee is the ideal for everyday life the hot/ice Coffee Butter is one of her favorites. It has a different taste than any other coffee because it is made out of single bean coffee oil, coffee caffeine, and cacao butter imported from Republic of Cote d'lvoire.

What is coming up next in the menu?

Next exclusive drink in the menu will be juices with "Yuki-Ninjin" base including 100% Yuki-Ninjin Juice. This is imported from Aomori prefecture with a great quality carrots known as “Yuki-Ninjin.”

Getting there

Asakusa Farm Bar is located within a 10 minutes walk from Asakusa station Tokyo Metro Asakusa line Exit 1 – right in front of the main entrance of Marugoto Nippon building next to a huge Don Quixote store. It is open from 10am to 8pm.

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