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A Video Tour of Senso-ji

One of Tokyo's most visited temples

By far one of Tokyo’s most popular tourist attractions, the Sensō-ji is located in heart of Tokyo: Asakusa.

The Sensō-ji is Tokyo’s oldest temple and was founded in 645. The temple is dedicated to the Bodhisattva and according to the legend the temple was erected after two fisherman found a Statue of Kannon buried in the nearby Sumida River.

Despite its popularity and ancestry the Asakusa temple has quickly become one of those cheap tourist attraction where hundreds of small crappy souvenir shops have been erected along the Nakamise street (200m) that separate the main entrance of the temple: the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) to the temple itself.

Still the Sensō-ji and its five-storied pagoda are a true architectural and cultural wonder if you don’t mind visiting an over crowded place where the spiritual beauty has slowly but surely been replaced by this century’s mercantilism.

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