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Awesome Birthday at Robot Restaurant

The most mind-blowing birthday celebration I had in Tokyo


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It was September 2014 when the most awesome thing happened to me. It was my best birthday ever!

My friend and I went to Shinjuku to watch the show at Robot Restaurant. It was the most amazing experience in my life! Well, I know I am exaggerating but I get so overwhelmed and ecstatic everytime I remember my experience there.

So what are the things that you should know about Robot Restaurant and why do many people think it is the most unforgettable Tokyo experience?

  • The place looks magnificently expensive. The lights and furniture are very visually entertaining. When you turn to the left and right, look up and down, and even go round and round… the place makes you feel insanely high!
  • At the entrance, gigantic colorful robots welcome you, accompanied by crazy loud music that will not fail to make you feel like dancing to the beat.
  • As you walk down the stairs (the show is held at the basement of the business establishment), you will find lots of interestingly fascinating interior decorations shining and glimmering with delight. Indeed an eye candy that will add up to your excitement.
  • You will be assigned to your seats once you reach the basement (where they perform). Cute little sexy Japanese girls in skimpy outfits that look like real-life anime characters will serve your food, which is placed in a box.
  • Now this is the only downside that I can say about the Robot Restaurant. The food is not as “wow” as the show. It was very simple, just so-so. But hey, you are paying for the show really and not for the food (although the place says Robot Restaurant instead of Robot Show).
  • When the show starts, your adrenaline will not fail to get you high from excitement. It was absolutely thrilling! Robots fighting, sexy anime girls singing and dancing!! Awesome!! And glow sticks will be given to each one and I bet you that you will dance to the beat like no one’s watching.

I do not know what exact words to use to describe my beyond insanely amazing experience at Robot Restaurant. All I can say is that this fast-paced, mind-blowing, high-tech and full-blast effects show is just a must to see! It’s soooo Tokyo! It’s soooo Japan! :) THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVERRR... BOOM!

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