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Bills Futako-Tamagawa

Bill Granger's iconic Sydney restaurant opens new branch

Opening in September 2015, Granger & Co's Bills Futako-Tamagawa comes to Futako-Tamagawa as the 5th branch in Japan.

Bills is known to serve one of the 'best breakfasts in the world', including their famed soft scrambled eggs and ricotta pancakes, and the success of their now global brand is surely testament to that.

The restaurant is located on the third floor of Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center and consists of two areas: the indoor space and outdoor terrace, which provides beautiful views. Inside, the relaxing lounge music creates a nice and cozy atmosphere for enjoying your dinner and casual conversation.

Various dishes are served here and Bills provide different menus covering breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast highlights include ricotta hotcakes, banana and honeycomb butter, as well as scrambled organic eggs. The 'Full Aussie' combines eggs with mushrooms, tomato, bacon and pork and fennel sausage, with the 'Fresh Aussie' swapping the meats for salmon/Gravlax and avocado.

Lunch introduces sandwiches and burgers (e.g. miso charred steak sandwich or the wagyu burger) alongside the 'Classics' above, with Dinner introducing an even wider variety of original dishes. Think ginger cured prawn and spring onion and egg white omolette, to parmesan crumbed chicken schnitzel and then char grilled rib eye. Bills definitely has something for everyone.

All the dishes I tried (smoked salmon with yogurt and citrus dressing, cake-meringue Pavlova and Australian-style stew with vegetables on tortilla bread) tasted excellent and were served with elegance.

The menu is in Japanese, but almost all staff can speak English, so foreign visitors will not have any languages difficulties when making a choice.

Around the restaurant there are bookshelves, allowing guests to pick up a book to read and even use the various chairs and sofas inside.

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Terrie Lloyd 6 years ago
Bill's is one of my family's favorite restaurant destinations. Nice mix of western and Asian and the salads are really impressive. We usually hit the Omotesando branch after 8 in the evening, because it's almost impossible to get in before that time. Nice to know there is another branch to choose from.

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