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Cat Shaped Taiyaki on Yanaka Ginza

A unique cat shaped Taiyaki, traditional Japanese cake

Yanaka is very well known for its acceptance of the local cats. One stroll down the Yanaka Ginza and you’ll see just this, whether it’s the shops selling crafted items or, the real feline creatures themselves.

Wandering down the ever-popular Yanaka Ginza, something stood out to me; a small looking shop with a cat sign outside (along with many other cat decorations). Stepping in I realised it was a shop that cooked and sold Taiyaki, a traditional Japanese cake. Typically, the Taiyaki made from waffle batter and filled with red bean paste made from sweetened Azuki beans, is fish shaped. This shop on the other hand, fitting in with the local cat theme, makes Taiyaki in the shape of cats! They looked amazing, so of course I had to try one. There’s a load of fillings to choose from other than the typical red bean paste, and having a sweet tooth I went for the strawberry jelly with cream cheese. It was delicious, and very generous with the filling as well.

If you find yourself exploring the shops of Yanaka Ginza, be sure to stop by and try a traditional Taiyaki with a twist.

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