Kawazu Festival (Photo: Leslie Taylor)

Cherry Blossom Photo Tour in Tokyo

2017 One Day Photo Tour

Kawazu Festival (Photo: Leslie Taylor)
By Aude Beaumond    - 2 min read

There is no better time than cherry blossom season to get out and enjoy Japan with your camera! This year you can join photographer Les Taylor on a one day journey through Tokyo, visiting some of the city’s best cherry blossom locations, including famous spots and hidden gems. As you take in the sights, Les will be there to offer professional photography tips and advice to help you get the best possible images.

Photo: Leslie Taylor

This one day educational photography tour has a value of $200 per person, but this year only, Les Taylor Photography and Japan Travel have teamed up to offer the tour for free!

There are only 8 total spots available, so be sure to sign up soon! However, first please read the information below to make sure this photography tour is right for you.

About Leslie

Les is an American photographer with multiple seasons of experience photographing cherry blossoms. Aside from selling prints and licensing many of his images of the sakura, he has also done cherry blossom based assignments for Japan Travel, and his work has been published in National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Living in Japan for 9 years and experiencing the culture that surrounds the cherry blossoms has given Les a unique perspective in photographing them. This is one of the most anticipated seasons in Japan, and Les looks forward to sharing this truly one-of-a-kind experience with you.

When & Where

This photo tour will be held Saturday April 1, 2017, from 8:45am – 6:00pm at various locations throughout Tokyo. An itinerary will be sent to participants prior to the tour. However, we will try to be flexible with conditions throughout the day.

What You Need For The Tour

  • A good camera (preferably one with manual controls and interchangeable lenses)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Money for travel & food
  • A desire to photograph one of Japan’s best seasons!

We look forward to seeing you this spring during the 2017 Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo Photo Tour. Happy shooting!

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Aude Beaumond

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Andrew 5 years ago
fantastic pictures.
Jihad Mahmoud 5 years ago
This is really cool!
Leslie Taylor 5 years ago
I know I'm looking forward to it! :)
Joseph Bautista 5 years ago
What a great chance! Unlucky I won't be back in Tokyo until April 8th
Leslie Taylor 5 years ago
That's too bad! Hope you catch the tail end of the blossoms in Tokyo at least. :)