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Harajuku's Child-Friendly Day Trips

5 tips for enjoying Harajuku with your baby

Harajuku is one of the most popular stations for travelers in Tokyo, so it can be hard to imagine navigating its busy streets with a baby in tow. Harajuku and neighboring Omotesando are however dotted with lots of baby-friendly sightseeing spots, cafes, nursing rooms and playgrounds to make your day trips as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Here are some of my favorites!

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Anonymous 9 years ago
Nice video! The traditional wedding looks amazing would love to see one of those. I wouldn't mind relaxing on the Starbucks terrace too :P Good work, keep it up :) Must be so fun!
Kate Neath Videographer 9 years ago
Hi Kai, thanks for your message. We don't actually hold events or tours, although it would be a great idea!
kai 9 years ago
I would like to be one of the tourists to be attending one of such event . I would like to be offered with some of the details about the on coming events. Just contact me via my email address .Thank you.

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