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CLIHO Freshroom Tokyo Guest House

International share house in Shimo-akatsuka

CLIHO Shimoakatsuka Guest House in Tokyo has a philosophy in integrating foreigners into Japanese life. This is done by making sure that guest houses are mixed, with a good balance of people from all over the world along with Japanese locals. This brings countries together and provides an environment for a sharing of cultures, along with an excellent opportunity for foreign visitors to improve their Japanese.

When in the kitchen area, it is clear to see that many friends and special memories are obtained in the guest house. Many pictures of residents from Japan coupled with foreigners from various parts of the globe, decorate the walls giving off a very social and pleasant vibe. There are 24 rooms in CLIHO Shimoakatsuka Guest House in Northern Tokyo, with gathering areas that provide more intimacy than a hotel with hundreds of rooms. If inclined to mingle, everyone in the house has the opportunity to get to know the other guests and form lasting and interesting relationships during their stay in Japan. The focus on community and the mixing and experience of different cultures is also achieved through various events that are held with partner guest houses, such as BBQ’s, cherry blossom viewing and many other activities that provide a chance for guests to have fun, enjoy Japan and make new friends.

The kitchen area, with a nice wooden table and TV, acts as a gathering hub where guests have an opportunity to socialize and plan trips and meals together. Also a good place to just chill out and chat while watching some TV. Everyone is welcome to cook in the kitchen, with equipment shared between everyone living in the house. The area is clean and tidy, as a cleaning lady comes multiple times a week to clean public shared areas such as the kitchen and shower rooms.

The rooms themselves have all the necessities one could hope for. They come furnished along with a fridge, air conditioner, desk and chair. The Wi-Fi is available throughout every room, convenient for both leisure and work. A high security system with auto-locked doors is installed in every room, providing high security and a calm feeling when you leave the room. It is also makes it convenient like a hotel, buzzing into your room without the hassle of a key.

The location is a huge benefit to living at CLIHO Shimoakatsuka Guest House. It is just a two-minute walk from Chikatetsu-Akatsuka Station, ensuring fantastic access to all parts of Tokyo. The house itself is based in North Tokyo, so there is a less frantic feel as opposed to busier areas in the grand metropolis. This allows for an escape into a relatively quiet neighborhood, but being so close to the station is perfect for those that went to get out every night. One particular area that is very popular and close by is Ikebukuro, a vibrant place full of restaurants and bars, very popular for guest to go out in for a night out.

Check out the website of CLIHO Shimoakatsuka Guest House for more details of prices and rooms. The prices range from ¥61,000 - ¥73,000 a month and the minimum stay is one month. If you wish to get in touch with the team, contact them at info@freshroom.jp or view their Facebook page.

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