Cotton Candy Skies over Odaiba

When the skies take the limelight behind Rainbow Bridge

By Vicky Amin    - 1 min read

The spectacular Rainbow Bridge, linking mainland Tokyo to the island of Odaiba, was built in white to match the Tokyo skyline as its background. Structure and nature sit side by side in harmony until the sun goes down, when the suspension bridge seems to be outshone by the color of twilight sky.

Watching the sunset in Odaiba was one of the most amazing things I did during my stay in Japan. The open-air square gave a boundless view of Tokyo’s waterfront and the vibrant metropolis across the bay, but the best part was when blue sky started to fade, and sweet threads of cotton candy color filled the sky.

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Vicky Amin

Vicky Amin @vicky.amin632

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