Shiba Daijingu Daradara Matsuri

Tokyo's never ending 11-day festival

Sep 11th
Sep 21st
Venue: Shiba Daijingu Shrine When: Sep 11th - Sep 21st 2021

Shiba Daijingu Shrine in Tokyo will be hosting the annual Daradara Festival in mid-September.

Daradara, meaning to take one's time, is an apt name for the festival considering that, at eleven days, the Shiba Daijingu Daradara Festival is the longest festival in Japan.

As well as being the longest festival in Japan, Shiba Daijingu Shrine is also famous for being the location of a brawl that occurred in the early 19th century between the local firemen and sumo wrestlers. The shrine grounds feature fire alarms as decorations. The shrine is also the setting for a ginger market and the Daradara Festival is sometimes known by the name Ginger Festival.

The street leading up to the shrine will be filled with typical street food stalls and while the main portable mikoshi shrine will feature midway through the festival, there will be other portable shrines being paraded along the main thoroughfare and surrounding area.

Getting there

Take the Toei Asakusa or Toei Oedo Lines to Daimon Station. The shrine is 1-minute from the A6 Exit. Alternatively, take the JR Yamanote or JR Keihin Tohoku Lines to Hamamatsucho Station. The shrine is a 5-minute walk from the North Exit.

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Elena Lisina a year ago
This year anything is uncertain yet...
Sleiman Azizi Author a year ago
Elizabeth S 2 years ago
I was at day one of three of a matsuri last week, and the portable shrine bearers looked bleary eyed. How do people mange 11 days?
Sleiman Azizi Author 2 years ago
Probably the ginger, lol