Daylesford Organic Cafe

Organic food in Aoyama

 By Mandy Bartok   Nov 18, 2015

Travelers looking for tasty organic eats should look no further than Daylesford Organic in Aoyama. This all-organic eatery, which started as a farm in the Cotswolds area of England, has had a branch in Tokyo since 2010 and has won numerous return customers due to its balanced and healthy food.

The space is split into two eateries, with a more casual café downstairs and the restaurant itself upstairs. On a visit in late summer, I opted for the second floor and ordered the Vegetable Plate Set Lunch for ¥1500. My meal began with a cold potato soup, topped with a drizzle of olive oil and served with two freshly baked pieces of bread. The soup could have used a tad bit of salt but was refreshing in the warm weather. My main course – served on a beautiful wooden platter – consisted of five salads. My favorite was the cabbage slaw with cashews but I had no trouble eating the Caesar salad topped with bacon, egg and cheese, the shrimp and carrot mix, the chickpea and zucchini salad or the lovely tomato salad with fresh mint and a handful of feta sprinkled over top. If you want more of a British food fix, the restaurant also serves up an authentic Shepherd's Pie, a slow-cooked beef stew and a hearty burger.

With food this fresh (and good), you can expect a wait on weekends and even on weekdays around the main lunch hour. The upstairs boasts around 15-20 tables, and they will accept reservations if you want to guarantee a spot. If you’re merely looking for a quick bite, stick with the downstairs café for a selection of scones, muffins and cakes. There is also a store on the first floor, selling products such as organic jams, oils and cookbooks. Homesick Brits will also find such quintessentially English items as lemon curd and marmalade.

Daylesford Organic is located just a short walk south (on the western side of Aoyama-dori) from Omote-sando crossing. It’s just a few steps from the plaza in front of the United Nations University, where an excellent farmers’ market is held every weekend.

Written by Mandy Bartok
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Jihad Mahmoud a year ago
Wow! a must try.
Jihad Mahmoud a year ago
Oh that is really unfortunate :(
Olga Kaneda 2 years ago
I love the place and the farmers' market, too!
Mandy Bartok Author 2 years ago
I try to go to the Farmers' market at least twice a month and it's always tempting to stop here for lunch!
Victoria Vlisides 2 years ago
Thanks for the feature. I am interested in organic foods these days...
Mandy Bartok Author 2 years ago
I picked up a magazine in Japanese the other month on many of the organic cafes in Tokyo and am slowly working my way through them. I'll try to get some more up on the site soon!