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Cafe, Spa and Cosmetics

By Xia Fei Chiew    - 3 min read

A little less than 5 minutes away from the Omotesando Station B2 exit is Three Aoyama. Situated in the already quaint district of Omotesando, Three Aoyama is a bespoke space comprised of a café, a spa and cosmetics shop.

If the name did not already clue you in, Three Aoyama is run by the company Three Cosmetics and is conveniently located in Aoyama. Why would a cosmetics company decide to turn its retail space into a multipurpose, spa, café and retail joint? The answer is anybody’s guess, however the concept works and it works beautifully.

The cosmetics retail shop looks a lot more like a carefully curate gallery, the sales staff are polite and helpful but will wait for you to make the first move before approaching to start on their subtle but effective sales pitch. Aside from cosmetics the shop also carries a small line of household goods such as handcrafted porcelain mugs, towels and even potted cactuses. In a small corner, a single row of clothes, mainly sweaters and shirts can also be found, blending seamlessly into the overall design of the room.

Accessible through the stairs within the retail shop is Three Aoyama’s very own spa, the Rhythm Spa. Perhaps not suitable for the traveler, the fact that a spa exists on top of a cosmetics store seems perfectly reasonable and makes you wonder why not more shops embrace such a concept. After all, both the target audience are women and personal grooming.

But we are straying. The star of the show, and what makes Three Aoyama worth visiting besides its photogenic and cozy architecture and interior design is its café, the Revival Café. In line with Japan’s recent trend of organic foods and healthy living, the café features delectable snacks and pastries made with fresh local produce. A worthy mention are the café’s plethora of cold pressed juices and smoothies. Reading the ingredients off the menu (which thankfully are in English), you might be a little daunted (or at worst disgusted) by the strange combination of coriander and beetroot or ginger and blueberry. However, if you strike up the courage to order any of the drinks, you will realize that these combinations are really not as bizarre as you once thought they were, and most importantly they live up to the namesake of the café and have a reviving effect on the tired traveler.

Expectedly, organic produce and fresh juice comes at a higher price tag, and the cheapest juice coming in at ¥850. However, in hindsight, you are not only drinking it for taste but also its health effects such as detoxification and revitalization. Considering that you will likely be downing many carbohydrates and other heavy foods during your trip, a literal toast to your health never hurt anyone.

The best part? After finishing your drink, you can continue your merry way exploring Omotesando and Shibuya, making this the perfect pit-stop for all you roadrunners out there.

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