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Getting to Know Kanda Shrine

Shinto Shrine at 5 minute walking distance from Akihabara

Kanda Myojin is an historic Shinto shrine in the Kanda area.

The Shrine has been restored many times. It was first built about 1270 years ago near the modern Otemachi district. It was moved to Kanda-dai at the beginning of the Edo era, and then changed to its current location in 1616. It was destroyed in the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923, and then rebuilt in 1934.

Tokyoites come here to pray for success in business, good health and happy marriage.

Kanda Myojin enshrines three Kami: Daikokunen, the God of good harvest and matrimony, Ebisu, the God of fishermen and businessmen, and Taira no Masakado, who was a Samurai who rebelled against the Heian government and was later elevated to the status of kami out of reverence.

Kanda Myojin is the home shrine of the Kanda Matsuri, held every two years in May. At Kanda Myojin you can buy special o-mamori (amulets) which have the power to protect your computer against virus attacks.

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