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The district with the famous Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 and for many years it was one of the famous symbols of Tokyo. I wanted to see it, of course. Getting off the train at Hamamatsucho JR station, I spotted the tower from afar as it was well lit with an orange color. The walk to the tower wasn’t long, but I made a stop for dinner.

The surrounding area of Tokyo Tower is also interesting as there is the Zojoji temple, Jinja, and a beautiful garden. Most of Zojoji's buildings are recent reconstructions except for the main entrance gate, the Sangedatsumon, which has survived many fires, earthquakes and wars and dates from 1622.

I always visit Tokyo in the spring, so the area near Tokyo Tower was decorated with a great number of carp for "Kodomo no Hi" celebration (Children's Day). It looked beautiful! Right near the tower, there is always a stall selling crepes with fillings of all kinds. I tried some and they were tasty, indeed.

I have walked around Hamamatsucho more than a few times and in my opinion, Tokyo Tower looks better at night with illumination rather than in the daytime.

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