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Tips for Visiting Tokyo One Piece Tower

Visiting this Tokyo landmark


After five years, Tokyo One Piece Tower closed permanently on 31st July 2020.

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Tokyo One Piece Tower is an indoor amusement park based on the famous manga/anime series "One Piece". Here are some tips for visiting this new attraction or find out more info on One Piece Tower.

The amusement park occupies three floors (3rd–6th floor) and is a permanent attraction at Tokyo Tower. You can choose to buy just a ticket to enter the park or pair up with an entrance to Tokyo Tower for ¥3,900. Foreigners can also buy tickets in advance online for ¥3,000 instead of ¥3,200; you will just need to show your passport on the 3rd floor ticket counter upon collection. The staff will not check if everyone in your group is a foreigner, so you can buy more discounted tickets for your Japanese friends who are coming along with you.

The 3rd floor focuses on immersing visitors into the world of One Piece with large interactive comic panels and a life-size banquet scene with all the main characters partying. There are many well-made life-size figurines all over the park and you are encouraged to pose together with them and take photos. Be sure to wear something bright and colourful to ensure that your photos will turn out nice.

The 4th floor is more focused on games such as sling-shot, casino and even a horror house, which however is not scary at all. You do not have to pay anything extra to play these games except for a pinball game that will devour your ¥500 coin. Of course, don't expect to win any prizes unless you score full points, in which you will get a "VIP card" as a souvenir.

The key highlights of the park are located on the 5th floor: "Luffy's Endless Adventure" and "Welcome to TONGARI Mystery Tour". The first one is a walk-through with a cool mirror maze, tunnel and finally a 4D animation screening. The second one is a live attraction show that you are encouraged to participate in with a "stone" that lights up during the performance. There is a show every 2 hours but you do not have to queue for the entire 2 hours if you missed a show. You can scan your passport at a machine near the entrance to get a show ticket, then you are free to loiter around until they announce that you can queue up when the showtime is approaching.

There were not a lot of people and one can spend a good 3 hours at this place. I would definitely recommend going if you are a fan of One Piece or at least know who are the main characters. Although the operators tried to make the park more foreigner-friendly, many of the dialogues are still in Japanese so if you don't know who the characters are, it might be a little confusing. Anyway, I think it was great fun!

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Anonymous 7 years ago
looks like so much fun!
Novriana Dewi 8 years ago
Thank you for sharing the experience, Eva! Some of my friends have been asking about this place yet I'm not a fan (nor a reader) of One Piece so I cannot recommend the attraction to them. But I guess I can refer them to your article.
Jerome Lee 8 years ago
Wow, this looks like so much fun! I remember seeing a huge One Piece exhibition near the Osaka aquarium, not sure if it is as comprehensive as this one though!
Jerome Lee 8 years ago
Wow, this looks like so much fun! I remember seeing a huge One Piece exhibition near the Osaka aquarium, not sure if it is as comprehensive as this one though!
Jennifer Nakajima 8 years ago
That's really fun!

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