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Hokkaido Restaurant “Robata”

Feeling the good old days of Japan in Shimbashi, Tokyo

There are uncountable numbers of restaurants in Tokyo. Shimbashi especially, with its many reasonably priced restaurants, bars, and izakaya pubs, is always crowded with office workers.

“Robata” serves lots of simple but tasty small dishes featuring Hokkaido seafood. They are a bit expensive, yet of a really high quality. The interior has a traditional feel to it - like Japan in the good old days. And if you visit here on Tuesday or Saturday night, you can enjoy watching Rakugo (traditional comic storytelling) The 1st stage starts at around 7 and the 2nd stage at around 9 PM. Even if you can’t understand any of the details of the stories performed, you’ll have fun and will be able to share laughter with the other customers.

“Robata” is a nice seafood restaurant where you can enjoy nice healthy food and the traditional Japan in Shimbashi.

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