Hong Kong in Miniature Exhibition

Explore the vibrant city in small-scale

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Jul 28th
Aug 7th
Venue: Kitte Atrium, Marunouchi When: Jul 28th - Aug 7th 2022

There's no doubt that Hong Kong is one of the world's most vibrant destinations, and a limited-time exhibition coming to Tokyo allows visitors to explore the city in miniature form.

Photo: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Economic and Trade Representative to Tokyo

The simply named "Hong Kong in Miniature" exhibition takes place at Marunouchi's Kitte Atrium, and includes a large collection of works that reproduce the streets and traditions of Hong Kong on a smaller scale. One of the highlights is set to be the miniature Victoria Harbor, a destination which is revered for its incredible night views. There will also be miniature displays of festivals and foods popular in the region.

There is no admission fee to enjoy the event, so if you're in the area be sure to stop by.

Getting there

Kitte Marunouchi is directly connected via an underground passage to Tokyo Station's Marunouchi Line, or just a minute on foot from various other lines including the JR Yamanote Line.

For those who opt to drive, paid on-site parking is available.

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Sleiman Azizi 3 weeks ago
That's pretty cute.
Kim Author 3 weeks ago
I love the level of detail and admire the creativity and effort that goes into them!
Sebastian Schuster 4 weeks ago
Thank you for sharing this. Visited the miniature Tokyo Small Worlds a few months ago and it was amazing. I think i will visit this exhibition too.
Sebastian Schuster 4 weeks ago
Thank you for mentioning. Will check it out. I really like it, its just amazing and it must be so fun to work there. In Germany in Hamburg we have the Miniature Wunderland. One of the biggest miniature exhibitions of the world.
Bonson Lam a month ago
Sounds like fun, I would enjoy it as well. Not just for the Godzilla moment looking down at the miniature city, but also to reflect on the memories of this city at this point in time.
Bonson Lam a month ago
2014! I think I was visited around that time too, coming back from London to Australia. Yes, a real authentic buzz, full of everyday people going on with their lives.
Sander van Werkhoven a month ago
Cool! Would have loved to visit this! If only Japan would open up for tourism again...
Kim Author a month ago
Yes I agree, it's been way too long. Election is this Sunday, and I've heard some people speculating that the rules might change after that...fingers crossed.