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Hooters Shibuya

Largest Hooters in Asia shines brightly in Shibuya

"Delightfully tacky yet unrefined" is the slogan, but everyone knows Hooters by the uniforms, the bright colors and the waitresses. The premium location in Shibuya is the largest Hooters in Asia. Aimed at a different, younger demographic than other Tokyo Hooters locations the Shibuya location should be close enough to the main crossing to bring in a lot of traffic.

Hooters Shibuya made its debut in May 2014 with seating for over 300, an enormous bar and front stage, large televisions everywhere (it is a sports bar) and a staff of over 100 Hooters girls. The menu includes American style casual food and drinks, specializing in chicken wings, beer and cocktails. The girls are tightly dressed, energetic and often bilingual due to the large foreigner crowd. Shibuya Hooters will have more girls than any location, feature several collaborations with dance groups, and appeal to all those seeking lively entertainment and large... personalities.

Throughout the year you can catch various events including swimsuit competitions, costume contests and more (photos). 

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