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Tickets Today is a new venture that launched in July 2015 from one of Japan's best known ticketing companies. With over 10 years experience and know-how in event recommendations, Tickets Today promises exclusive discounts for some of Japan's best cultural activities and performances.

Open daily between 10am–8pm, turning up early guarantees good availability for each days ticket selection. Details of these incredible discounts are kept under wraps so part of the challenge and fun can be finding out what each day's special offer is and getting there early to secure your ticket! Our advice is to check their Twitter feed from 10am each day, where they will release information about what genre and category of events are on offer.

However, a few long-term special discounts are regularly available throughout 2015, with more being made available all the time. Tickets—many of which are discounted—for Shinjuku's Robot Restaurant, Sanrio Puroland (for Hello Kitty lovers) or rickshaw and ninja experiences in Asakusa are always available at Tickets Today – some even have additional discounts when booking your tickets for a specific time slot.

If you find yourself near Shibuya's 109 or Ginza's Five building and you don't have specific plans in mind, Tickets Today is for you! They not only have a great variety of discounted entertainment tickets, but many can combined for an exciting day full of Japanese culture. Why not ride a traditional Japanese rickshaw in Asakusa before joining a ninja workshop experience nearby?

Their services are available in multiple languages, and their location on the 2nd floor of the landmark Shibuya 109 makes them very easy to find too, no matter where you are from. They support English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and of course Japanese visitors looking to buy discount tickets, which are available for the same day, day after and the day after that too.

Tickets can be purchased with most credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Saison, China Union Pay and UC Card) as well as Japanese yen, but tickets must be bought directly at the kiosk booth. The staff will immediately arrange the bookings for you and present you with a free Japanese fan (uchiwa), while stocks last!

With a decade's experience in the ticketing business, you can trust the team behind Tickets Today to deliver great experiences and great prices. Take the hard work out of figuring out what to do and get access to superb discounts for a range of musicals, plays, dance and traditional performances, as well as Japanese experiences and contemporary attractions. Head over to Tickets Today, today!

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Annisa Maghfirah 5 years ago
Is there any website about this information?
Justin Velgus 5 years ago
There is one! I will post it here:
Justin Velgus 5 years ago
I remember when I went to New York there was a similar service that sold same day broadway show tickets at a sizeable discount. It is great to know a serivce like this exist so the budget minded traveler could still enjoy some of the more unique experiences of Japan without breaking the bank.
Victoria Vlisides 5 years ago
What kind of price range are we looking at?