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Hotel Relief Premium Haneda Airport

Great hotel close to the airport

A quick trip to Tokyo needed me staying close to Haneda Airport and I can report that Relief Premium Haneda Airport turned out to be a great option while taking care of business.

A simple, single room was all I needed - bare bones was the criteria and Relief Premium delivered without compromising on quality and aesthetics. Larger rooms are of course available, with the hotel offering accommodation all the way up to its deluxe double and twin rooms but the single room was more than enough for me this time.

A very comfortable double bed took up most of the room. The rest of the living space saw a basic wall table featuring a tablet for reservations and information, a simple bar fridge, and a wall-mounted television in the bet possible spot - right in front of the bed. The unit bathroom was functional, perfectly clean and got the job done without any complaints.

Very basic but very comfortable room
Very basic but very comfortable room

The free Wi-Fi was a huge plus with the connection never wavering, not even for a moment. Absolutely smooth service there and coming from a country whose internet unfortunately relies on smoke signals and rusty copper wiring, this is a blessing. Along with the free Wi-Fi, the hotel also offers more relaxing deals like a delicious breakfast package as well as massage services, morning yoga and even free jogging wear rentals.

Part of the modern foyer decor
Part of the modern foyer decor

One more thing worth mentioning was the attitude of the staff. Japan, for sure, is known for its efficient and dedicated customer service but at Relief Premium, at least during the times I spoke with the them, the staff came across as being friendly by nature and seemed willing to chat in that cheerful way that helps you enjoy your time even more.

I'm always glad to be back in Japan, be it business or pleasure, but being glad is certainly easier when your accommodation feels so, well, accommodating. Well done Relief Premium. You get the thumbs up from me.

Getting there

Take the Keikyu Line to Otorii Station. The hotel is about a 2-minute walk from the West Exit, on the other side of the main road, Kampachi Dori Avenue.


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Kim 3 years ago
A steady (and free!) wifi connection is always so nice when traveling!
Kim 3 years ago
Yes, that reliability goes a long way!
Sherilyn Siy 3 years ago
I would take advantage of the running gear rentals. I hate having to pack sweaty running wear back into my bag!
Sleiman Azizi Author 3 years ago
Smelly luggage is not pleasant.