How to Ride the Trains

An easy guide to navigating Tokyo

By Charles Colfer    - 1 min read

The crazy labyrinth of subway lines can seem impossible for any newcomer, but it is much easier than you think. If you can use the tools around you, you should be able to easily find your way and make it to those important business meetings on time.

The train systems in Tokyo are absolutely fantastic. Incredibly efficient, convenient and affordable, it makes visiting or living in Tokyo quite easy.

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Charles Colfer

Charles Colfer @charles.colfer

Hello everyone!  My name is Charlie, I'm a 21 year old foreign exchange student from Boston, Mass studying abroad for a year. I've always wanted to travel, especially to Japan, and so far it's been absolutely fantastic. I love photography and occasionally making videos/vlogs about my experiences here, and would love to get into any form of professional media/ travel guide work. From my experiences as a college student, I love to find the best things to do while on a budget, as I'm sure many of us out there are limited to! Traveling can be expensive, and sometimes all the options seem daunting or simply undoable. I'm inclined to believe otherwise! I'm a pretty outgoing person, love exploring, meeting new people and pushing my boundaries.

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