Imperial Palace Walk

Home of the monarch

By Aryani Tahir    - 1 min read

It is unfortunate that the inner palace grounds of the Imperial Palace are not accessible for the public without an advanced reservation or on special occassions. All is well, there are still plenty of views to feed your camera and photography soul at the surrounding area.

Depending on the season and your route to the former castle, you may be greeted by swans swimming in the moats, majestic cherry blossoms, or the modern skyscapers of the Marunoichi district. Parts of the walk are so peaceful, you may forget you are walking in one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world!

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Aryani Tahir

Aryani Tahir @aryani.tahir

I love travelling and learning about local culture. I have been to Japan once but would definitely come back in the future to explore its less crowded places.