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The Premier Beauty Clinic

Receive the best beauty care at the Jiyugaoka Clinic

Jiyugaoka is an area enjoyed by Japan’s wealthier individuals though tourists often stop by for a visit as well. Here, you will find many clinics including the famous “Jiyugaoka Clinic”, which offers “the most effective rejuvenation treatment without using a scalpel” (non-surgical, Botox, hyaluronic acid injection & special thread-based ‘anti-sagging’ treatment)

The clinic was established by Dr. Furuyama Nobutaka in 1995 who advocated the first Cosmetic Surgery in the University Hospital of Kitasato. The clinic is known worldwide as a pioneer of modern Japanese cosmetic medicine attracting many local and foreign clients each year.

What type of treatment does the clinic offer?

<p>The clinic offers over 200 treatments providing internal &amp; external beauty starting from Hyaluronic Acid &amp; Botox.</p>
The clinic offers over 200 treatments providing internal & external beauty starting from Hyaluronic Acid & Botox.

The clinic offers over 200 treatments providing internal & external beauty starting from Hyaluronic Acid & Botox. It also offers cosmetic surgery, hair replacement surgery and lower eyelid treatment (eye-lift). Each clinician is a specialist in their own field using the most up-to-date equipment.​

  • The goal is to give the best result in the least time possible.​
  • Surgical techniques may also be offered as a route to get better results in a shorter time.​
  • The clinic pays full attention to every patient’s requirements to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Is President Furuyama ”Asia’s best rejuvenation treatment expert”?

  1. The president of the clinic, Dr. Furuyama, has been leading cosmetic surgeon in Japan’s cosmetic industry and interviewed by numerous magazines, newspapers & TV stations over the past 20 years.

    Apart from cosmetic beauty, in recent years (2013 onwards) there have also been many ‘Preventative Medicine’ additions to the clinic.
  2. President Furuyama created the first “Cosmetic Surgery Department” in Japan. He is not only an expert in cosmetic beauty but also extremely knowledgable in several fields of the medical industry.
  3. Dr. Furuyama was one of only five physicians invited by Allergan Japan as a consultant to provide the industry with world-class guidance. He also represents Japan during the annual ‘Asia Pacific Medical Aesthetics’ congress which attracts doctors from many countries.

※ In March 2014 hundreds of doctors attended the “Shanghai International Cosmetic Surgery Conference” due to a new high demand for technical support for physicians providing cosmetic surgery in China.

What kind of atmosphere can you expect at the Jiyugaoka Clinic?

  1. The clinic has a clean & contemporary atmosphere with luxury, tasteful decor and neutral tones. There is also a “Members Only VIP Lounge” for members of Tendiki Salon & Jiyugaoka Club. This is the ultimate place to relax and receive your treatment.
  2. All medication & equipment used in the clinic exceeds the highest safety standard approved by the Japanese Health Department, FDA (America) & CAT (Europe). They have achieved a track-record of zero medical lawsuits in the last 10 years. The clinic remains popular by both local and international patients due to their high safety standards and their close attention to detail.
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