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Not your average sandwiches in Daikanyama

By Kim B    - 2 min read

In a city the size of Tokyo, there's no shortage of amazing dining options. From tiny mom-and-pop run stores to Michelin starred eateries, it would be easy to plan a trip to the city and focus on dining alone. One of my personal favorite spots in the Daikanyama area of Tokyo is called King George, a cafe which focuses on sandwiches. Don't let me lose you - these aren't your average sandwiches, and the cafe is well worth a visit if you're nearby.

The sandwiches aren't convenience store cheap: for some context, the prices range from ¥1400 to ¥1900. In saying that, there's absolutely no skimping on the fillings - these sandwiches are packed full. The ¥1400 offerings include their namesake, the King George (turkey and provolone cheese on rye bread), and the 8th Avenue (peppered turkey and marbled cheese on sesame bread), and the ¥1900 choice is the Hungry Ewan (turkey, honey glazed ham, provolone cheese, avocado, and BBQ sauce).

Even though I eat meat, my personal favorite is the vegetarian sandwich, in large part based on how beautiful the presentation is. People often say that we eat with our eyes, and how a meal looks is just as important as the taste - if you're that kind of person, you'll love the layers of colorful, seasonal veggies packed into this sandwich. There are a whole host of other menu options too, including a tuna melt, the "meathead" sandwich, and the classic honey mustard chicken. When it comes to drinks, the choices here run the gamut from smoothies and juices to beer and wine.

The cafe itself is quite small, so depending on the day and time of your visit there can sometimes be a wait. Factor that in, especially if you plan to pop in on a weekend.

Getting there

King George is located approximately five minutes on foot from Daikanyama Station, on the privately owned Tokyu Toyoko Line.

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Sherilyn Siy a week ago
One of the things I miss about the US are the deli sandwiches. King George looks like they would satisfy my occasional craving for a good sandwich.
Kim B Author a week ago
I miss those kinds of places too! This spot definitely helps with those cravings :)
Elena Lisina 2 weeks ago
It seems really big! King size! :D
Kim B Author 2 weeks ago
It fits their name, for sure!