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Komeda’s Coffee

A great coffee shop in Koganei

If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, whether alone or with friends and families, you might want to try Komeda’s Coffee. It was first originated in Nagoya and up until today it has more than 400 branches across Japan. Komeda’s Coffee is not only famous with locals, but also foreigners who happen to visit the country and have heard about it.

The branch in Koganei area in particular is very close to the JR station. It is only 300 meters away, which equals to only 5 minutes of walking. It is very easy to spot the building amongst the others, thanks to its unique wooden exterior. Soon after I got out of the train, I found myself standing in front of the main entrance, ready to try this Nagoya’s famous coffee chain.

The place has an ample parking space for bicycles located next to the store. They also put their menu in front of the main entrance, just in case you want to take a peek. It is completely written in Japanese but it also has pictures to help you figure out what it means.

Upon entering, the waitress will take you to your seat and give the menu for you to order. Unfortunately they don’t have any English menu, but the waitresses are more than happy to help translate everything. I found them to be very friendly and have good knowledge of their menu.

To be honest, at first I was completely drawn to their extensive choices of sandwich. They all looked so good! But I needed something sweeter. My choice then went to their famous pastry, Shirono-whirl. It’s a warm croissant with a soft vanilla ice cream and a cherry on top. It also comes with a maple syrup, making it even more delicious!

As a coffee-aficionado, it would be wrong not to order their coffee. Finally, after a careful consideration, I decided to try their Cinnamon Coffee. It tasted so good and the cinnamon really accentuated the whole flavor. It was definitely something that I would consider having the next time I visited the store. So, if you’re within the Koganei area, make some time to visit Komeda’s Coffee, they’re open from 7 am.

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Kim 5 years ago
I used to live close by to a Komeda's coffee and it was always such a comfy spot to grab a bite to eat and my caffeine fix!
Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
I love Komeda's Coffee!!! It's really good coffee and sandwiches!

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