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Little Darling Coffee Roasters

A feeling of California, right in the heart of Tokyo

In the heart of Aoyama, a little gem otherwise known as ‘Little Darling Coffee Roasters’ can be found. With its Californian vibe, this roastery provides not only a feeling of escapism but a great cup of coffee too.

The roastery has become popular especially with young people for many reasons, one being its aesthetic interior, making it a fan favourite with instagram lovers, and the other being the fact this place brews and roasts its own coffee. Even for those who aren’t the greatest coffee lovers, there are a lot of other choices as well, including soft drinks and tea. If you want to try something different from the casual brew, why not try a coffee soda which comes in three flavours; cherry, flower and yuzu espresso. There is also a good selection of food, burgers, hot dogs and fried potato, which are all available on the menu and even come in a cool branded takeaway box.

As you walk inside the main building, you are greeted with a spacious interior that makes for an ideal location to study or work. In addition to this, there is a small merchandise stand where you can purchase the brand’s merchandise ranging from graphic t-shirts, to tote bags and most importantly, their seasonal coffee blends to take home. Everything about the ‘Little Darling Coffee Roasters’ products feels so contemporary and original. The use of graphic art and film photography on all the products gives the whole brand such a nostalgic feel

The outside area offers gorgeous greenery and a good amount of seating, with there being the option to chill out on deck chairs or to sit under the shade amongst beautiful, bright flowers. Being located in its own complex away from the main street, helps to create an atmosphere which is peaceful and relaxing. It’s the type of place you could spend the day at, just trying different types of coffee and snacking to your heart’s desire. A mini florist called All Good Flowers is located on the grounds too, selling an array of colorful bouquets and plants.

On a warm and clear summer’s day, ‘Little Darling Coffee Roasters’ is the place to be.

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Bonson Lam 3 years ago
I wonder what the cherry and Yuki espresso tastes like?
Kim 3 years ago
Such a cute spot!

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