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Maison Kayser, Tokyo Midtown

Outstanding pastries and buns in Roppongi

There are many cafes and bakeries in Tokyo Midtown and around Roppongi, but the pastries and bread at Maison Kayser are a standout.

This boulangerie has become a synonymous with delicious baked goods and have stores all over France, and have set up shop in at least 17 other countries. In Japan alone, they have at least 30 stores, the highest concentration in any one country. The brand has become a common sight in the food levels of departmental stores such as Takashimaya and Daimaru. In the case of the branch at Tokyo Midtown, it is a standalone store located at B1F, and easy to spot when you are passing by.

I decided to try their two bestsellers, the plain croissant, and the pain au fromage (cheese bread) as a light lunch, for ‎¥219 and ‎¥429 respectively. The croissant was delicious. It was light and flaky and was not overly buttery or oily. It tasted fresh, and I think the price is good for the size and quality. The cheese bun was more expensive, but it is much more filling. The bread is quite dense and cheesy but not overpowering. I don’t have a very big appetite, so just the cheese bun was alone was actually filling enough to be lunch for me.

If you are not sure what to get from here, they have fresh samples at the front. If you come at different times, you will be able to try different items. The staff are friendly and might be willing to cut you a fresh sample, especially for popular items. When I first came by, it was just after 11am, and the store was still quiet. When I went by again at 4pm, there was a queue out the door, and was more crowded than any other café or bakery in the area. Their popularity is understandable, as the prices are reasonable for the size and quality, especially for the croissants.

While you enjoy your pastries and buns bought from Maison Kayser, you can admire the view from Tokyo Midtown’s Galleria, or go shopping in the Plaza area. If the weather is pleasant, you can also enjoy your snack outside in the neighbouring Japanese Hinokicho-koen garden.

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