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Meguro Gajoen

Cherry blossom viewing with a cultural twist

Cherry blossoms season is here, which means Meguro river has turned into a white, fairy-tale like tunnel of sakura (cherry blossoms). Now, Meguro river is lovely, but the best spot is the area around Nakameguro. The river is quite narrow there and the trees almost cover it completely. Especially in the evening the view is magical with the red lanterns. The perfect way to enjoy hanami (cherry blossom viewing) at Meguro river is to get off the train at Meguro Station and go down the slope to your left. You will pass a place called Meguro Gajoen, a very luxurious and cultural place, including Hyakudan Kaidan (a stairway of 100 steps), a cultural asset of Japan. As a Japanese culture lover, I think you should visit there at least once, and during the ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) exhibition it is particularly beautiful. The place is right next to the Meguro river; so after you are done with the cultural things, you are free to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Take a right at the river and keep going straight alongside the river. The Nakameguro area is about a 20-minute walk away from Meguro Gajoen.

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