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A quaint neighborhood with trendy spots along the river

Gone are the days when Naka-Meguro was just like any other residential area. Today it is not only filled with old traditional houses but also apartment buildings and new hangout spots.

Naka-Meguro is strategically located in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward, with easy access to many downtown neighborhoods. It is bordered by Ebisu and Shibuya, and served by the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and the Tokyo Kyuko Electric Railway Toyoko Line. The area is famous for having Meguro River with cherry trees lining on its both sides, making it a popular tourist spot during spring season when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Naka-Meguro attracted the youngsters, especially those who work within the creative industry, to build their businesses here. Take a leisure walk along the river and you will soon see trendy cafes, art galleries, fashion boutiques, specialty shops and design stores line in this beautiful and quiet area. Each features a contemporary interior design with simple and beautiful window displays. Other than those latest eateries bearing cutting-edge style, traditional Japanese restaurants and izakaya are also available nearby, offering a more conventional atmosphere. Some of them are easier to find whilst the others are usually tucked away, hidden in alleys and unexpected places.

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