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Micasadeco Cafe

Fluffy pancake paradise in Harajuku

Elevate your eating experience with Micasadeco Cafe, home of the fluffiest pancakes in Japan!

The Fluffy Pancakes

The stack of pancakes jiggles as the waiter delivers it to your table. Each pancake set is served with a small portion of whip cream and syrup on the side so you can control your level of sweetness. Powdered sugar decorates the top of the pancakes and the surrounding plate areas in interesting shapes and designs. Though the decorations differ, our plate came with the name of the cafe and a smile. The fluffy pancakes live up to expectations and are full of sweet, puffy bliss until the last bite. In addition to being some of the fluffiest pancakes in Japan, the pancakes softly melt in your mouth with each forkful. The fluffy set comes with three pancakes for a total of 1200 yen and you will almost certainly be tempted to go for a second flavor. Other types of pancakes include traditional pancakes, matcha style mocha pancakes, and "Kinko" walnut pancakes. Some even come with ice-cream on top.

Beyond the Pancakes

If you are craving something else, Maciasadeco Cafe comes with a wide selection of foods in addition to their signature dish. Depending on the time you arrive there are many options on the breakfast and lunch menus. The breakfast menu includes yogurts, toast, ham, egg dishes and several options for drinks to complement your food. The lunch menu has a selection of salads, wraps, sandwiches, and rice dishes such as the mushroom and gorgonzola organic rice risotto. There is something here for everyone!

Photo: Micasadeco Cafe


With furniture made mostly of wood and walls decorated with a sand-like pattern, the cafe is very sleek and pristine and lends itself to a relaxing atmosphere. The interior design is described by the cafe as being decorated with a Japanese taste in mind. The combination of the impressive food and the beautiful environment makes Micasadeco Cafe the perfect place to take that Instagram photo you've been searching for!

Photo: Micasadeco Cafe

Overall, the cafe aims to create a fashionable environment with delicious and healthy food for everyone.

Micasadeco is open from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

The Famous Fluffy Pancakes
The Famous Fluffy Pancakes (Photo: Andrea Xie)

Micasadeco & Café Kyoto

If you’re visiting southern Honshu instead of Tokyo, why not stop by Micasadeco’s café in Kyoto? You’ll be able to enjoy the same quality as the Tokyo store with some unique Kyoto flavors.

Combining café with the 100-year history of Kyoto tea rooms, this modern interior represents an imaginative new take on Kyoto. There’s even a small private room with a view of a traditional Kyoto garden (be sure to call ahead and reserve a seat).

And be sure to try the original Micasadeco parfaits on order. Limited to just ten a day, this cookie-topped parfait comes in two classic tastes: hojicha and kinako with dark chocolate, enjoy the refined roasted tea with kinako powder and the deep chocolatey flavors; and matcha and white chocolate with black sesame, this parfait uses carefully selected matcha and is wrapped in the gentle aroma and sweetness of black sesame.

Located a short 5-minute walk from Kyoto-Kawaramachi Station and open from 9 am to 7 pm (LO 6 pm), Micasadeco & Café Kyoto is sure to dazzle you with their menu of pancakes, parfaits, and more!

MAIL: kyoto@micasadecoandcafe.com
URL: http: //micasadecoandcafe.com/kyoto/
ADDRESS: 480 Umeyacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8057

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