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Momoyama Exhibition

Artistic visions in a turbulent century

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Venue: Tokyo National Museum When: Oct 6th - Nov 29th 2020

The Azuchi-Momoyama period refers to the 30 year timeframe from the fall of the Muromachi shogunate in 1573 until the establishment of the Edo shogunate in 1603. A special exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum is showcasing around 230 works from this period, which illustrate how art developed during such a turbulent time.

A full list of items exhibited at the event can be found here. Adult admission is priced at 2400 yen.

Getting there

The Momoyama Exhibition will be held at the Heiseikan (special exhibition hall) at the Tokyo National Museum. The museum can be accessed within 10 minutes walk from either the JR Ueno or JR Uguisudani Station.

For those driving to the museum, it's located 5 minutes from the Ueno Exit on the Shuto Expressway. Do note that there's no dedicated parking lot for the museum, however there are a range of paid parking lots in the surrounding area.

More info

Find out more about Tokyo National Museum.

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