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Illuminated jellyfish make this feel more like a love hotel (Photo: Sunshine Aquarium)
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More ♡ More at Sunshine Aquarium 2021

Let's get a little bit sexy

Venue: Sunshine Aquarium When: Mid Sep - Early Nov 2021

It’s time to see what’s rocking the boat. Making a return after its big-hit introduction in 2019, the salacious event “More More” exhibition is back again at Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro.

This after-dark event goes from September 12th to November 5th and is, perhaps, not for the kiddies. From 18:30 to 22:00 each day, guests can see what sets off the motion of the ocean in the deep blue.

The giant clam is taking center stage
The giant clam is taking center stage (Photo: Sunshine Aquarium)

That’s right. This is one sexy event all about love and love-making in the sea.

The doughboy starfish is looking particularly naughty
The doughboy starfish is looking particularly naughty (Photo: Sunshine Aquarium)

Visit the vibrant pink-illuminated aquarium for a glimpse of the naughty side of animal habits. Discover the many unusual habits and sexual behaviors in a silly but interesting way at this nighttime aquarium exhibit. River otters, frogs, electric eels, and pufferfish—they all have their own unique mating habits. And they’re all on show in this limited-time experience.

Night aquarium turned sexy venue
Night aquarium turned sexy venue (Photo: Sunshine Aquarium)

With the lights of the aquarium dimmed and infused in a gaudy pink, you might feel like this is more of a red-light district event than an aquarium—and even a “special” soundtrack to lend a more mature mood to the aquarium. You’ll be able to look, touch, listen, and even sniff your way through a variety of areas.

The sniffing wall???
The sniffing wall??? (Photo: Sunshine Aquarium)

Look forward to this limited-time aquarium experience, complete with its own merchandise, foods, and bottled drinks (obviously pink). What better way to cool down after a hot summer than with friends or lovers at this sexy Sunshine Aquarium event.

A little love potion
A little love potion (Photo: Sunshine Aquarium)

Learn about the various sexual habits of sea creatures in this lighthearted exhibition that is sure to leave you with hearts in your eyes.

Sunshine Aquarium is getting in the mood
Sunshine Aquarium is getting in the mood (Photo: Sunshine Aquarium)

Getting there

Sunshine Aquarium is a 5-minute walk from east exit 35 of Ikebukuro Station.

More info

Find out more about Sunshine Aquarium.

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Lynda Hogan 2 years ago
Haha, very risque for a family aquarium!
Elizabeth S 3 years ago
This is so cheeky! What a great date spot.
Kim 3 years ago
Definitely not the aquarium experience I was expecting, haha!

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